gross kisses

by fragile moth wing

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released January 23, 2016



all rights reserved
Track Name: asteroid B-612 ver. 1
you wrote about about your eyes
all the bad things in the world
i bet its all jut lies
cuz you’re still a pretty girl
i know that you and i are good for each other
and if we’re gross then we’ll be, 2 gross lovers

i have no friends at school
i pick the flowers of the moon
the kids think I’m a fool
i want to be your little spoon

the bloodstain on my bed reminds me of the ghost i knew
maybe we should throw our feelings in a sadness stew
i’d sew lavender iin my skin to smell good for you

socks to keep our feet warm from the sadness in our hearts
my body far from nice but somehow still call it art
and with each day my love grows like a bug
if i have a sickness my cure will be your hug

lets run away to asteroid B-612
no friends to miss and at least it doesn’t smell
we can have coffee with the stars
go on a vacation to mars
do all the things we want to, we’ll be so fucking happy.
Track Name: lovelovelovelovelovelovelove
(readings from the wiki how page on how to talk to ghosts and 'A Lady' by Richard Brautigan)